152, 162 & 170cm


CARVING Q prices
SEK /NOK 5900:-
€ 550.-

Only on pre order with dead line 1st Aug 2020


Exactly - here comes the carving/pist ski. After a lot of discussions.
Now we found the best alternative, that will fit us well. And it went well last season - so we will proceed.
Stable yet playful.
The ski gives you a very quick reaction when you put some pressure on them.
Three lengths.
Ski fun ......

core  sandwich poplar
dampening  rubber layers
top sheet  ICP 8210
base Ptex 3000 sintred
tip and tail protection

length - 170 (124/80/104) radius 18,5, 162 (124/68/104) radius 13 and  152 (124/68/104) radius 11

design - Lucy Russell-Bates construction - The House


 nocopy is the ski company