168, 178 & 188cm 129/92/120

168cm SEK 5395:- € 516.-
178cm SEK 5500:- € 525.-
188cm SEK 5995:- € 573.-



Sometimes you get a feeling of changing - even if you have a "winning" concept. Our Rush ski was changed into the present Rush Rocker - a fantastic development and now probably one of the best skis you can buy - it covers all types of skiing. The agressive tip rocker gives you a short snow contact length. And as the ski has a traditional camber it is very easy to handle. When you go "outside" you´ll have a wonderful flow. We are aware of the rocker discussions - but really we do not care as we want to have fun - the rocker is here and will be with us........

All ski levels use it - pist, park, jump, pow......

This might be the ski you are looking for....

core sandwich poplar
top sheet ISOSPORT
base P-tex 3000  sintred
sidewalls ABS
edges hardness Rockwell 48
dampening  rubber layers

design: The House
construction: the House


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