168, 179 & 188cm

TMS prices
168 cm SEK 5395:- € 515.-
179 cm SEK 5500:- € 525.-
188 cm SEK 5995:- € 573.-


the wider all mountain is back in "business" but with a handsome rocker to get an easy turner and proper "floater"

it is a ski for the good times in "snowdomes" like Swedish Kittel- and Borgafjäll, Stranda in Norway or a couple of resorts in the Alps, Japan and North America

recommended for good skiers who are doin the mountain. works good on ice & hard snow but we suggest you take your turns in powder for the ultimate usage of these ones. this is also a good choice for randonné.

"Back again, but with new standards......"

lenght 168, 179 & 188cm
width 132/97/118mm
weight 3-3,5kg
radius 21 (188cm)

core sandwich poplar
top sheet ICP 8210
base P-tex 3000 sintered  
sidewall ABS
edge Rockwell 48 hardness
dampening  rubber layers

this year with new top sheet and the "hot" lava design

Design &
Construction: The House.


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